Guess My HP Bill?

Come, come! Guess how much is my HP bill? It’s $611.61!!! Terrible! How did I spend until so much… Well… Looks like I’m getting further away from my target – to save $50,000 by June 2009. How? How? And with me taking cab so often from Skyes’s place, its not helping. How? How? My transportation fees is now double from what it used to be. Must earn more money! Oh yes, I created this for Petite PeP –

I’m so bored. I think I’m falling asleep. Testing? Sorry, I don’t really like… Now around me, there’s no one at all. SO’s gone. There’s the new Uncle Hai who is on night shift. EZ on MC. And I think RT is having lots of training. So around me, its empty. What am I doing now? Nothing. For the past hour, I’m reading news on Yahoo. Before that, I’m doing the Petite PeP’s Blog. And my hip is getting bigger. How? Why do I kept asking so many ‘How’?

Yes! I finally finished doing my Petite PeP’s Blog! Good good! Posted the items to Yahoo Auctions too! $50,000, I must reached my goal! Not playing alright! WZ just finished watching the Korean movie – “The Host”. So now, I’m basically waiting for him to call.

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