Fresher Morning

The time is almost ten in the morning now. I just woke up! *giggles* Been quite a while since I’ve had such a nice sleep since normally I won’t force myself to sleep for so long. Well, today I’ll try to adjust things back on track. Try… Firstly, I’ll need to backup my PC! WZ just now messaged me in the morning showing the night scene near his hotel. I also want to go HK! Never mind, I’ll save money first!

Its raining heavily now, so cooling! Just had my tea break. Sis bought a black forest cake for all the mums. Before that, I just woke up from a short nap, and before that, I made a bracelet! Then just now I went to look at the auctions. Seems like accessories are getting cheaper. Why is this so? At least the online ones are. And that cousin of mine kept making noises like what those babies do… *faint* I just went out and scolded him.

Went to this restaurant pub at United Square with my family, godmum’s and Joseph’s for dinner and beer to celebrate Mothers’ Day and Joseph’s birthday on the 18th. Had around slightly less than 3 cans of flora beer – Apple, Ninkeberry and Pechercheese (Not sure of the smelling ‘cos its not in English). Anyway, all tasted not too bad. The food was nice too, cooked by an old auntie, slightly older than my mum. Bought a stalk of rose for all the mums and 6 cans of beer for Jo. Went home around 1am. So shag but fun. Darling’s gastric wasn’t too good, can’t take oily food still. Hopefully he’s alright, worried about him…

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