Waiting For What?

I just realized that yesterday was EZ’s birthday. She came to me this morning, looking really happy, telling me that she’ll start looking for another job. Sigh… I spent the whole of almost yesterday sleeping ‘cos I just simply don’t felt like doing anything at all. Joseph’s and family came over and it was rather noisy with the kids running around. WZ wasn’t back yet. I slept earlier at around 11pm+. My job. I lost interest in it, somehow. There isn’t enough job satisfaction. Not even when I tried to learn more from it. It’s gone, the passion. I felt tired to come to work. But the money is good. So how? Didn’t people work for the sake of money? Money vs prospects. Thats a question I asked quite a while ago. ES… I never like people to keep on asking me things. More worse if I can feel that person sticking to me when they are of a different frequency from me. I really felt so tired… What am I waiting for?

Just had my lunch. Not sure why but feeling a bit giddy. WZ just messaged telling me they slept till 12pm. Terrible…

Feel like going back home and rest… Only 2pm. Never mind, the time will pass very fast. I think I should start exercising.

Back at home. Just now had a long long talk with BY. Will anything change after the talk? I’m really not too sure. But I’m sure I miss my Darling A LOT!!! Seems so long since I last saw him… So sad…

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