I Killed 2 Mozzies

Ever killed 2 mosquitoes while you are shitting in the toilet? I did, just now. It was so irritating with the mosquitoes flying around you while you shit. So in the end, I stopped my business and went to kill that 2 brats before I continued my business in another toilet. Its a Tuesday morning. Dar Dar will be coming back tonight. I’m still rotting in front of my PC in my PJs. Oh… How I wished I don’t have to work today… Tomorrow I’ll be meeting WZ after work. Then probably on the next 2 days too. Saturday going to watch Grasshoppers’s concert with my sis, cuz and friend. Must remember to go and collect the tickets. Motivation! Motivation! BY asked me what can be changed to bring up my motivation? Seriously not a lot now. I also don’t really know. Do I? Or I just don’t wish to say?

Oh yes! And I almost forgotten! I sew the 11 buttons on my pants! In office now. Today went to fetch Mother T. ^^ She’s really so motherly!

Yeah!!! My Zhu Zhu coming back soon!!!! Just now had lunch at Bakerzin. So filling! Had luiguine with shitake mushroom and cream sauce. Plus a chocolate eclair!! *Drooooool* And my Zhu Zhu is coming back!

I just don’t know how fell down from my computer chair… *CRY* MY BUTTOCK IS SO PAINFUL NOW!!!!! *CRRRRRRRYYYYY* I WANT MY ZHU ZHU!!!!!!! *CCCCRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY*

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