Darling is BACK!

Yeah!! Other than my buttock pain pain, I’m so happy! ‘Cos Darling is back! Will be going to his house for dinner tonight! Oh gosh! I missed him so much!!! And I think I’m starting to cough. If I remember correctly, yesterday while sleeping, I was coughing quite badly. Wonder why… There’s quite a bit of things I need to do. Better start now before I forgot…

Spent the whole morning guiding TR for deployment. Going to pass it to him and HB for the deployment and the environment issues. Think WZ must be really tired now. Slept only a few hours. Can’t wait to hug and squeeze him!! Maybe because he’s back. Somehow, the world seems more beautiful then ever! I LOVE THE SKY! ^^ Now? I’m doing my own things. *LOL*

I really spent the whole day guiding TR but now… ITS 6.32pm!!! And I’m going to see my Darling now!!! *Jumps happily around*

I finally saw my Darling again!! And hug him and kiss him and squeeze him and…

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