Unbalanced Mindset

心理不平衡啊!Just now heard from the radio that says the public sector will be increasing the salary. Imagine a fresh graduate can get $2,800 to $3,300!! *SCOLD ALL THE VULGARITIES* Suddenly I felt I’m underpaid.

Back at home. 10.44pm. Bathed. A lot of things going through my mind at this moment. I’m doing work, at least trying to, from home. What am I supposed to do? Just now had a long talk with Nana. She suggested me to try out for the BA. But she also knows that I prefer the job as a TL. How? I know my PM recognized my work but how long am I going to wait? Some more, I heard a new TL coming in. *SHIT*… How? Can someone tell me what I should do? And my Zhu Zhu is SO SWEET!!! Just now he brought dinner for me to eat!!! *TOUCHED*

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