It’s Thursday Only

Its morning already. Time passes so fast… Let’s recall if there’s anything that I want to do… Yes, I’ve got lots of work to do now. Happy? In a way, yes, I do. But yet in another, I still don’t feel balanced. Then this week, hardly got time to hug my Zhu… I need some power… Terrible… Tonight meeting Kenneth for dinner. I think there’s a lot of people I have to meet up but haven’t. LL, NN and SS for example. Gosh… Time is limited.

Really don’t feel like working today… And I’ve got lots of dandruff on my head. Must be the shampoo, not suitable for me. Guess from now on, I’ll have to buy 2 types. One for my parents to use, and one for me and my sister to use. Lack of energy. How? I realised I’ve been asking a lot of “How?” lately…

Went to meet Kenneth for dinner at PS right after work. Its been 9 years since I last saw him but well, he still looks the same. Went to peep at WZ, while he plays basketball but to only see him sitting at the side. Later then I realized he sprained his left thumb, thats why he stopped playing. What a waste! I was intending to see how cute he is when he plays basketball! After that, IR called. *faint* Something wrong with the hotfix I did today. Moral of the story: Even when people help you, you can’t trust them totally ‘cos ultimately, its still your work. In short, CHECK.

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