Drivng Without A License

What is the penalty for driving without a license? And will anything happen to his passengers with/without license? Wondering where can I check… Feel like getting a car. But is my monthly expenses enough or not? If there’s no loans, I’m quite sure its enough… Why is owning a car so damn bloody expensive!

Had my health screening and here’s the result:
Height: 1.54m
Weight: 47kg (The 2kg extra weight must be due to the HP and wallet in my pocket)
BMI: 19.8 (Healthy weight)
Body Fat: 31.7% (Terrible… the maximum for female below 30 years old is only 24.7%!!)
Visceral Fat: Level 2 (Healthy, between level 1 to 8)
In Urine,

Protein: Neg (Good)
Ascorbic Acid: ++ (Too much vitamins)
Glucose: Neg (Good)
pH: 6 (Good, 6 and 7 is good, 8 and beyond will be alkaline, easy target for infection)

Well, more or less, it ain’t too bad, except for my body fat, which might be due to high cholesterol, which, I do have, as well as my sister. The only thing to do now? EXERCISE! 3 times a week, at least 30 minutes each time. Starts on Monday!

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