Rubbing My Butt

Gosh… I asked my mum to help me rubbed my butt ‘cos I fell off from the chair a few weeks ago. But I forgotten something… Zhu zhu just gave me a few love bites on my butt just now!!

Got woken up by the shouts of my cousin at 9.30am. *Shrug* Then went to Woodlands library to meet WZ. And seriously, the weather was terrible! I was sitting on his bike, and my sweat was dripping down. We went to eat ban mian at Bt Merah for lunch before going Watson to buy… *Cough* Then after that had dinner with Ken, Celest and Jeff. And WZ got so angry till he ordered the food without them. Why? ‘cos they changed the timing from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. And when WZ called Jeff, he kept laughing and laughing. Can understand why he’s so angry… Then they talked about opening a Wanton Mee stall. Wondered if they will really do it. Went to watch Pirates of the Carribean after that.

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