Early In The Office

Its 8.45am and I’m already in the office, ready to start work. Actually it felt quite nice to start work early in the morning, like I used to. But what am I fighting for. Its no more “You work longer, you will naturally get the promotion”. Then? Yesterday Des held a meeting and said that all of us will have to go through some test… to see where our skills are. They want the best. Can they? And my whole body is still aching.

Finally finished 3278, for the access control. So tired. HY today MC, food poisoning. Tomorrow on MC too. Ang Moh Eric left today. Flying back to Norway on Sunday. Everyone is leaving… Why do I feel so down today?

What will happen 20 years down the road? Just had dinner with SG, ET, SO and SK at Vivo City but ended up talking about a lot of things. About COE, lifestyle, politics etc. Think? I’m not those who think… But… Hmm… Really must start saving.

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