Chiong @ Zouk

So funny huh? Yesterday I’m early and today I’m late for work. It’s not my fault! I woke up at the usual time, but today I went to the toilet for 3 times already. Stomachache. Today will be the last day for ES to be in Synet. Everyone’s leaving and I’m quite a “senior” here but not my rank. Terrible. WT just came in. Sick. Don’t really like him. BY on leave till Monday, heard his daughter is sick. Alright, I really don’t feel good. Felt like vomiting… No life recently… Wondering if they are going Zouk tonight.

Woohoo! It was so shiok at Zouk! Been a real long time since I went partying at disco, not that I always went last time. But it was really nice. Dancing almost non-stop for consecutive 4 hours. Then after that walk back to WZ’s place. My legs were aching terribly. But the worst is the blister on my feet.

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