Me & My Mouth

Finally back home after going out early in the morning for my dental appointment. Changed to baby blue instead of red because I was thinking my birthday will be coming soon. Doesn’t seem very nice if I smile and all people see are red colour. Then went Toa Payoh for K Lunch. It was fun. Sang almost all the Grasshoppers’s songs that we know. Was kinda glad that Skyes really enjoyed the concert till he seems to be obsessed over the Grasshoppers ^^. Anyway, after that we didn’t go to Safra ‘cos Skyes forgotten to bring his 11B. =.=”’ Nor did he arrange with Leon to go. Hmm… that reminds me, wonder how was his date tonight… Then we went Bugis Junction to buy his leather shoes and then BY called me. Something needs to be done. Well, so there cut short our shopping trip. But anyway, I wasn’t feeling too well to start with. Me and my stupid foul mouth. Yesterday was telling RT that its been quite a while since I’m sick and how I wished I can take MC. And see what happened today… Went Skyes’s house after that and did my work before taking some medication and collapsed on his bed. Then just now, he sent me home and guess who we met on the road? Ben. Oh, he really look so gay and D.O.M.! Now waiting for my Darling to call me then I’ll go and sleep. Fainting soon…

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