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Its 9.30am, I’m still sleeping on my bed when I heard my HP ring. I’ve got a SMS telling me that I need to make some changes to my work. It sounded a bit irritating but yet it seems fun, to break the boring routine schedule of life. And you know what? Yesterday I dreamt of doing lasik and I don’t have to wear spectacles anymore!

Still having running nose, for the whole day. Now is already dinner time, and my sister isn’t back yet. Just now went to accompany Zhu Zhu to go and cut hair. Same hairstyle… Then had McDonald’s with him. So nice!! He’s really so sweet! Although sometimes may be a bit irritating but overall, he treats me really nice. And that Leon, well… guess his date didn’t turn out to be really that good. That girl smokes. Now, my parents singing KTV.

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