Such A Nice Feeling

Woke up feeling not so good, so I took MC. It was raining. Very cooling. I spent the whole day doing nothing much. Slept until almost 11am before waking up and had my breakfast. Then did some touching up on one of my handbag, which JY’s mum bought for me a long time ago. For the rest of the afternoon, I just rot at home until 3pm. Went Marine Parade’s library with my mum and godmum to borrow some books. Then I slept in front of the TV. It felt nice, not needing to do anything at all. But yet, I felt lost. My room is in a mess again, which it always does after a while. I think I’ve got too much things. Things which I should have given or sold it off. Messy. Darling went to play basketball again. Don’t understand why he doesn’t want me to go and watch. Shy? Doesn’t matter. I can rest at home. I’m still on medication.

Just came back from McDonald’s at Hougang Green. Met WZ and gang for a drink. They went to play basketball but in the end, Ben overslept, so they hadn’t got any ball to play with. *Giggles* Going to bathe in a while more, then sleep early. Tomorrow have to work. No time!!!

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