Functional Analyst?

Met BY on the way to the office and he mentioned that the company is employing a functional analyst. Maybe he shouldn’t let me know, but maybe he should. After all, it is my future, right? What good will I have in staying in the position where I am in? Since I’m already rather sick with all the programming. Functional Analyst… I have no idea what the job scope really is, but at least I know I don’t have to face the PC for the whole day, gets to interact with people a little bit more. And since if I have the chance to change, why not? Grab the opportunity. Talked to June already. She won’t be free till next week. Good. Time to move on.

Ever wonder how you can add some sparks to your life? Do lots of things! Nana asked me to join her company in providing the service to help people apply for loans. Honestly, I’m not at all familiar with all these but since she offered to guide me, why not? HS got ROM today. Finally… he’s 30 years old this year! Managed to come up with some ‘solution’ for the reports. Terrible, I hate all those reports! The new company website, well, more or less have to start from scratch. I don’t understand what’s so difficult about doing up the website. I think he’s busy doing his outside work. Jeff getting married soon, gotten his wedding invitation card – 29 June. Ding Mei getting married on the 19th. WZ very cute today, early in the morning, he tried to greet me happily. But in the end, I called the wrong number. Its only 7am. It should be HY that I should call ^^ *Giggles*

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