Idiot’s Guide: Organizing Your Life

I borrowed the “Complete Idiot’s Guide: Organizing Your Life” book from the library on Monday. But I realized one thing. No matter how much I read all these organizing books, I’ll never get THAT organized because thats just me. Too many things that I want to do with too little time, or just not organized enough time. And what’s worse, I’m never disciplined enough. Put it simply, I kept saying that I want to save money but yesterday I just spent $17 on my lunch – Fish ‘n’ Co. And I shouldn’t have used my credit card ‘cos that sort of always messed up my plan. Well, will try and take note of that. I never get the importance of saving. Why? I really need to think of a way. A hard way.

I need to get a new HP and a new pre-paid card… So later I’m going to VivoCity to take a look. Just now WT had a talk with me. He wants me to take over the company website project. Well, I don’t really mind, since to me, it’ll be fun.

Hmm… Suddenly there seems to be so many things that I need to do, and wants to do. Now, I just need the time and support I can ever get. But… is there enough time?

I got my new HP!!! Sony Ericsson Z610i!! But now I’m back in the office. I’m supposed to be meeting LL for dinner but after that I postponed it to supper. But looking at the circumstances now, don’t think I can meet her at all. Terrible. Why? Tell me why is this so? Just now YF came to explain to me on how things should be done… Shit him… Just now never say… Until almost everyone alright with it then he pointed out saying he don’t want it that way. And now I have to re-write everything… Sigh… Better quickly do it then I can go and do other things.

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