Menses Here? O.o?

I just got back around half an hour ago from the office. The time is 1.26am. Yesterday got deployment and I need to standby. Well, at least I don’t need to go office early tomorrow, so it ain’t that bad. Plans, plans, plans… I’ve got so many plans. Which should I execute? And I think my menses are finally here. Can’t really confirm yet. It had better come… I don’t wish to be a mother yet…

Good afternoon! Just came back from lunch at Sakura at Science Centre. Its been so long since I went there already. My menses came! Thats one good news. Secondly, I’m going to watch Shrek 3 tonight! Thirdly, hmm… I don’t know! Oh yes, there’s the DBS course that Nana was mentioning that day. The course was on 19 June 3-6pm. How? Not sure yet, will be discussing with Nana. *Cough* Think my sore throat coming back. What else? *Ponder*

Sometimes I really feel like bashing people up… *Sniff*

Just came back from watching movie. It was quite funny… But then, I feel so sian now… Why? Just now WZ then told me that he’s meeting XT to buy my birthday present, and so won’t be able to meet me till KTV (that’s like after dinner). Just a point to note, due to the fact that I’ll be meeting LL, I won’t be having dinner with them. Which MEANS, I’ll only see him for that short period of time with a bunch of people. Sigh… I’m not really jealous… I just felt disappointed… ‘Cos at first, while he forgotten everything, we’d planned to meet up in the morning till evening before I went to meet LL. Then now… Recently he kept playing sports during weekdays. Then at home, he kept playing game. Even when I’m at his house, he’s still playing game when I first reached… Wonder if he understands… Its not that I want to stick to him 24 hours a day. Its not that I don’t give him freedom. Its not that I don’t need my own personal space either. Its just that… I do felt neglected. Not when he goes and play sports. Its when he reached home, while talking to me on the phone, he’s still playing game. Once, twice, I’m alright with it. If he can multi-task, I’m perfectly fine with it. BUT, I don’t felt that… I felt like I’m talking to some answering machine. And I really hate it when suddenly he just tells me that he’s meeting someone, whoever, be it guy or girl. *s.u.l.k.*

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