Celebrating Flora’s Birthday

10 of June!! Today had been a really busy day. I woke up around 8am and I started to do some of my work – 2092. I realized there’s so many differences between the production and the development. Wondering how I should go about doing it. Anyway, before I can do much things, I went out to meet LL for lunch instead of dinner. Isn’t that better? I get to accompany WZ longer. 2 years… ever since I left Philips, I’d never seen her. She still looks the same, except with the braces. She’s going to Holland tomorrow for a break, and to meet her bf, Ino, and his family. Isn’t that wonderful? Then after that I took Bus No. 166 to WZ’s place but after 45 minutes on the road, I’m still ONLY after Little India MRT station. And since my shit was coming out. I alighted near the SLS and went straight to the toilet. Dirty but no choice. Then after that, I took 197 at Bugis Junction there and went to WZ’s house. Hot and tired. Until dinner time, then we went to Kenny Roger’s at Great World City to celebrate Flora’s birthday. And after that, Party World at Cuppage where we countdown and sang a birthday song for Flora. I was so tired by the end of the KTV session… Luckily WZ decided not to go to Ken’s house… Else I’ll really K.O. over there… Sometimes, I’m really very glad that I get to know WZ… Maybe he ain’t the best BF yet, but… he sure knows how to make me feel better (maybe sometimes its after a while later then he realized that he should).

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