UNeed Consultancy Services

Yesterday on WZ’s computer, I saw this link on the stick gal. Its all mainly with pictures. Cute pictures draw by someone, using a stick girl. It looks really cute. I wished I can do something like that… But… Do I have the time? I woke up at 9.45am this morning to discuss things with Nana, on the UNeed Consultancy Services. Well, it turns out ain’t too bad and hopefully things will continue the way it is. But, I am really tired. Slept for only around 4 hours, it sure ain’t enough. I’ve still got a lot of things that I need to do. 2092, I think I need to finish by Monday, thats tomorrow. Company website… Who should I look for, that has some creativity in them? EY? And what about my own things? GoonDoos, the.Grab, Petite PeP… What else? Am I giving myself too many things to do? *LOL* Now I’m back home. Shag… Going to take a short nap first before I’ll start doing anything. And its SO DAMN HOT!

Back from dinner and watching Shrek 2 on TV now. Miss my Dar Dar so much… Tomorrow is Monday again. Damn… I haven’t managed to do much over this weekend. June is always a very busy month. How? How I wish I can hug my Dar Dar everyday! Tomorrow he’s going to buy my birthday present with the help of Flora. Actually he’s quite cute. He’s afraid that I wasn’t happy that day so he told me the truth. So cute right? Love him more and more…

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