Mummy’s Birthday! – 56

Today is my Mum’s birthday! 56 already! Time passes really fast… Today is Monday… *CRY* and I’m so…. *YAWN* sleepy… Yesterday night, ‘cos its too hot, so I slept on the floor. Then now I’ve got body aches… Maybe tonight I’ll try to sleep earlier. A lot of things to do but I don’t know how… How? Don’t really know how to set up the mail server… Did it once and I forgotten already… And I hate MONDAY!

Die… Don’t feel so good… Felt like vomiting…

I’m back home! Its already 9.30pm. Just now had dinner with my sis, mum, godma and second auntie at Magic Wok at Hougang Mall. Terrible. I’m supposed to meet them at 7.30pm but in the end, they just left home. Bought a birthday cake also. Will probably wait for my dad to come back later on. Zhu not back home yet. Just now, he said he’ll go and learn something and handmade something for my birthday next year. And I told him I want 999 handmade roses and he said he’ll make it! *LOL* Wonder if he’ll really do it… Oh… Miss him… Cute cute!

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