Going For GSS

I’m in office! AGAIN! Well, of course I’m in the office, its only a Tuesday, for goodness sake. Sigh… Well, today I have a mission – to talk to June. Hopefully I don’t get tied down by things. So moral of the story? Get things done! And tonight I’m finally going to shop! Zhu zhu said he’ll accompany me to. So sweet right? Yes, he’s rather sweet. I love him so much!

Yes! Finished 2092’s coding! Going to start testing now. *Pray* It’s already 3.30pm.

I’ve got my name cards!! Yes! Just now went to meet WZ for dinner. He was hungry, so we decided to eat at Sakae Sushi at Harbourfront. In the end, ‘cos its too late already, we never went for the GSS. He had totally no mood because he didn’t know what to buy for my birthday. At first wanted to trick me into saying which watch I like (he brought me to City Chain). But I don’t find any watch which I particularly like… *LOL* Well… I did try to help him though… But… I don’t really know what I like either. *Giggles* Saw this white, pink strip shirt in Esprit. I find it very nice, and it looked nice on WZ too. Should I buy for him?

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