My Mood, Your Mood, Link?

Realized nowadays, my mood is starting to be correlated to WZ… Not a very good thing… Imagine if he’s happy, then I’ll be happy. But if he’s moody, my whole day will be gone too. I hadn’t got the mood to do anything today. Couldn’t sleep and didn’t sleep well last night. A lot of things on my head. I’m scare… Scare of getting married… Especially if it isn’t what I expected it to be. Today… seems like a lot of people not around… again…

Indeed… RT on MC. EZ on MC. YC on MC. WM on Leave. Empty… I mean the office. *YAWN* Well… I’m really so sleepy but at least one thing I’m really happy about. Though WZ got quite a not-so-good temper, he will apologize. As in, he knows how to make me feel better. And what’s more… HE LOVES ME A LOT TOO!! ^^ Future? No idea… I don’t know what’s going to happen but at least for now, I am happy, very happy. Today I’m starting on 3063. Then I put all the things that I want to do, and hope to do in the calendar. Well, hope I can follow. My complexion’s quite bad lately and I’m getting fat too. Think I need a break from everything.

1.30pm. Had lunch already, with Archi Team. Feels weird though… Will only be meeting June tomorrow regarding the BA job. But seriously, she doesn’t seem to be very friendly or maybe she’s really busy. Should I really go there? By end of the month, I’ll decide… I want a break!! I want to go for a short holiday!! Else WZ is going to start his studies soon. Wonder if he can take it…

Just finished discussing the company website with EY. Why is it only 4.30pm?? Terrible… Later going to pass the namecards to NN. Then go and buy the shirt in Esprit. It looks quite nice right? And I thought WZ looked quite smart in it. WZ’s class will commence on the 24 July. If I want to go for a short holiday, will have to plan before it starts. SK just pass me the Amino Collagen powder to try from Meiji. It smells quite nice but… tastes weird. Wonder if it really works. Drink already become beautiful beautiful ye! *smiling dreamily*

I DROVE!!! ^^ Just now DW had to go and take photos of some paintings but my sister isn’t back yet. Chris and her don’t really know how to drive a manual car, so in the end, I drove! Well, at the start, its quite terrible, which I think I freak them out. But after dropping them off, I went to fetch my sister alone! Now… Hmm… Was thinking of something. Mum mentioned over the dinner, saying that Dad wanted to get a Motorbike (of course not for real, but he’s sick of taking buses). It is true… He seems tired traveling on public transport when he isn’t that used to it. Imagine he has a car ever since my sister was born. Thats like 31 years? Should I take over his car? If I really am considering, I’ll really need to calculate everything properly. WZ not home yet, I want to discuss this with him.

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