Rehearsal Today

Good morning! Its 7.25am! Just settled one thing yesterday night. Not going to take over my dad’s car. Will help him support another $200 and then get him to change to a normal car. Then today will be going for DW’s rehearsal. Yesterday she went to take pictures of about 13 water painting that she asked a just-graduated NAFA student to paint. The deal was just $200 at first, with my cousin taking the painting. But yesterday when she went there, the person increased it to $400 and expected to have a 50% commission if DW ever published books with his painting inside. I can only say… He’s CRAZY! The main focus of the book isn’t his painting! For goodness sake… Rich people. Damn those rich and stingy people!

Sigh… Didn’t get to talk to June again. She’s busy… It’s quite disappointing to push the appointment later and later… I don’t have the patience to wait… Told BY that I’m taking leave on the 2 July and he and AR agreed to it already. Just now in the morning, WT told me this:

“…also want to set expectation… the web project… will leave that to u to run entirely, know the implication? when expect u to run ==> plan, solicit feedback, execute; update me on status and ask for help if required. with such expectation, how far and fast this project will and can run depends on the one steering the direction….”

He’s stressing me… Terrible… =.=”’

The music was really nice… Went for DW’s rehearsal, well, its a small auditorium but I think its enough. All the tickets was sold out. There will be 6 pieces altogether. Composer… Hmm… Suddenly was thinking about the 3 of us – Me, Sis and DW, all 3 of us in different industries; IT, Construction and Music. Wonder what will happen in another ten years…

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