WZ Go & Buy My Present

Its Saturday! Yes! I’ve done a lot of things. Called LTA and asked about the changing of OPC car to a normal car. Wow… I didn’t know its so expensive. If on 25 June, my dad was to really convert, he’ll need to fork out almost $16,000! Well, I already let him know… See what he wants now… Then I booked the chalet already. On the 30/6 – 1/7. Yes! A short short break! Today I won’t be meeting WZ till… not sure what time… Because he intends to go and buy my present first before meeting me… *LOL* So cute…

Nana went home after discussing everything. Pissed… I was so pissed when there’s still no news from WZ at 5pm. And when I called him, he was laughing happily with his friends. =.=”’ I felt like an idiot, waiting at home for him. After that, on my way out, he called me. Well, of course I’m still pissed with him, but not to the extent of totally not talking to him yet. So, yes, I met him on the bus and then… he idiotically talked a lot of rubbish and made me laugh… =.=””” But he’s cute! And I really love him so much! ^^ Made the Safra card finally. Got my birthday present too – Sovril Titus Watch. Very nice! Went to meet Ken and gang for Ocean’s Thirteen at midnight. Then we had supper at Tiong Bahru. The whole day, it was raining. Very nice to sleep.

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