27th Birthday Memories


Oh yes yes yes! I’m 27 already! So old!! Gosh… Time really passes so fast! My Tomica is already 20 years old! Really had quite a sweet birthday. Though not its only 11am, but I’m already so happy! Knowing that so many people still remembers me! Yesterday ZZ had sent a big bouquet to my office. Then after that, at his house, he secretly gave me a surprise and sang a birthday song to me with a cheesecake and chocolate banana cake from Secret Recipe (both my favourites)! So sweet right?? ^^ Then after that when I came home, my sister was already asleep. But after I finished bathing, they took out a pandan chiffon cake and sang a birthday song for me too!! *So touched* And of course not forgetting my Godma, DW, Hazel and Tyra too. We just came back from McDonald’s breakfast. And then there’s all my friends – HY, YT, JY, Xiaoling, Ron, Pete, Deqiang, Shaohui and Boon – who wished me Happy Birthday since it strikes 12am! *Happy Happy Happy*

Yes, of course after that there’s Nana, HS, Sharon, YF (so late), MJ, Clarise, Wen, Meiling, Sandy, SY, Meisan, DC and Weicong! So many people right? ^^ We had actually decided to have a chalet at the end of the month, but when we got to the East Coast Chalet, it was rather terrible. The service was really bad. And by right, we wanted to book over the weekend which cost $208 (which was confirmed by the lady over the phone I called that day). But when we got there, another lady told us that, what we had booked cost $396. After some arguments, she said, left only sea-view, which we weren’t told at all. So in the end, we cancelled the whole thing. Then after that we went to watch Fantastic 4, which wasn’t too bad. But I forgotten my water bottle and had to turn back and take. Luckily there’s somebody walking out from the cinema. We went to Tao’s for our lunch + dinner, the service was good (according to him), which I agreed. Then after that it’s shopping time! First time I ever went shopping with him. In This Fashion, it was bad but after that at OG, somehow it seems not so bad to shop with him. He’s so… Homely? One thing, he don’t seem that bored to shop with me. Secondly, we were pushing a cart and he seems so cute with it. Thirdly, though we both agreed that its ugly for a guy to carry a girl’s bag. But when I carried for too long, and he knows that I’m tired, he will carry it for me… Isn’t that sweet? We ended the day by him sending me home. Very sweet and nice and simple birthday. ^^

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