Amino Collagen

Is this useful? The last time I checked some forum, some people did mention that it wasn’t too bad. Well, today is the first day I tried, let’s see what will happen. I think more or less thats it. I really don’t have the mood to continue to work here.

Totally no mood to do work but still managed to go through till after office hours. But its damn irritating! Remember on Monday, LD was complaining, saying that my test cases was lack of information and thats why she rejected the whole package and it won’t be deployed? TMD! And in front of DT and AD, when they asked her if she knows what to test, she confidently said she knows, just that the test cases was bad and they didn’t have the time. KNN! Now she came and asked AR what should be tested. F*** her ah! She’s only making us look bad. Win already right? TMD! KNS! CB! NB! F***! Complaint to Shan after that…

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