Updated My Resume

Finally… Left the referrals. Jen changed job, so either I need to update hers, or I change it to Nana’s. Anyway, left that and the cover letter and more or less I’ll be done. I’ve thought through long enough, gave a lot of chances, waited for too long, 到此为止. Its already almost end of June. I need to start looking for other opportunities.

What! My explanation very poor ah?! How would I know how it looks like? What I saw are only pictures on the web! Doesn’t pay to be good. Helped him call never even thank me. *Angry* As if I’ve got a lot of time to search and call… *PUI*

*Yawn* Time passes quite fast today. Already 5.30pm, left one more hour. Finished my things for today. *Yeah!* Just now WZ called me ‘cos he can ‘sense’ that I’m not happy. *Giggles* Who asked him to talk to me in that kind of tone! Well… But… He actually seems alright with me “sa-jiao-ing” with him… Weird… What am I to do for the rest of the 1 hour? NN just now called me and said there’s a case, and will be asking me to handle. That will means money coming in! ^^ Money, money, money! And recently I’ve lost track of my finance, so tentatively, I’m going to ignore everything!

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