DW’s First Concert

*CRY* I threw away the bouquet that my Darling gave me for my birthday! Because THERE’S A CATERPILLAR ON IT!!!! *CRY* Went through the Saturday’s Recruit and couldn’t find much things. But still, I’ll continue and look out for it. Heard QR’s bf found a job which pays $2.7k. Damn… The pay is so good nowadays. Thinking how much I’m getting now, really felt a bit pissed.

Yeah! Success to DW’s concert! So tired… It really isn’t easy to hold a concert but luckily most things went well although at the start, it seems a bit bad. Because the rehearsal was delayed, the audiences weren’t allowed to go in until around 7.20pm. And then there’s one idiotic Uncle who’s face was almost totally black. And when I asked him nicely if he could shift to the seats in front, he just replied angrily without even starring at you, “Ain’t this supposed to be free seating?” TMD! Must be some slightly-higher-than-middle-class-and-act-class-and-smart-but-probably-understand-nuts-about-music f***ing asshole! But of course there’s some funny things. A kid spoke to the dad, “Dad, wake up!” and another kid just yawned so loudly. And of course its nice that my Godma saw WZ. ^^ I want to bring him back home!!! Went for a drink with Ken & gang after that. So tired… Oh yes, paid for the Bintan trip already!!

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