Am I Ready?

Sleepy… Had wanted to sleep more today but around 10am, immediately after my dad opened the door, Uncle Robert, Uncle Liao and RX came in. =.=”’ How to sleep??? In the end, I woke up and asked my mum to go shopping. 6 hours of shopping. Bought 8 tops and 1 bottom. Met WZ & gang for dinner at Kovan. WZ came to fetch me. Missed him so much… He just went to sleep. I also wanted to sleep but just now, I forgotten and went to wash my hair. Now… its wet. NN called me just now. Honestly… I think I’m not really that ready to go and do “sales” yet. Somehow, I’m not really a sales person. And… why is it that after every weekend, I seemed to get more and more tired… Plus… I’m flooding now…

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