Nirwana Beach Club

Our first holiday together!! Me and ZZ! Slept at 4am this morning because I’m doing the “photo album”. I’m so sleepy now. WZ just called me, he just woke up… Doubt he can meet me on time at 9am at Tanah Merah MRT. Think I can go out a bit later too. I need to get newspapers, for the recruit section. Later ask my sister to help if possible.

Met WZ at Bedok Interchange instead. I took Bus 87, which was rather fast. Went to buy mineral water before taking the bus to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Was so excited! And you know what, the Ferry Terminal was renovated! Now, its rather nice, but the ferries still the same. Reached Bintan at around 12pm and managed to get a room once we reached. It was a very small hut-and-chalet-like room. Small but clean and cosy. We settled down and took a nap before waking up around evening time to take a walk along the beach. Took some photos too! Dinner? We brought cup noodles to eat. *Giggles* No point spending extra money! And then around midnight, we went to the beach to see the party that the security guard mentioned but well… there wasn’t much things to see. So in the end, we went back to the cosy room and I gave him the “photo album”! Can see he’s very surprised! So sweet right?!!

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