Hangers Frenzy!

I bought 45 hangers!!!! Was reprimanded by my mum after she saw it… I was so tired for the whole day. Went to sleep overnight at Zhu’s house after the mahjong session. Then early in the morning, woke up and got Zhu to sent me to the OG in Chinatown where I finally got the […]

Mahjong Night

Aiyo… Never come and pick me up from the bus stop when its raining… Minus points! Minus points! Went facial in the morning. Isn’t that bad this time. WZ took his bike for some check-up in the morning. Then I went to meet him at his house. Whole day we hardly did anything except he […]


Communication is very important in one’s life because almost everyday, you have to communicate with people. Of course you can choose NOT to, but that will be really unhealthy. Lack of communication will result in a lot of problems and misunderstanding. Been so busy for the whole day. Today is WZ’s first day of class… […]

Morning Spoiled

Stupid idiot… Greeted one of my rather new colleague today and all he did was to look up, stare at me like I’m some idiots, then go back to the things he’s reading. Shit him! Spoiled my morning… I realized recently I kept getting “said” by others for the things that I did. WT said […]

Style Diary

Yesterday I borrowed a book, “The Look”, from the library. Will try and read it today and see what I can learn from there. I’m lazy, I know. But I also know I’m not too good in wearing clothes thats suitable for me too. So I’ll learn… Slowly learn… Busy for the whole day till […]