Independence Day

Today is the 4th of July, and its BQ and MoC’s birthday. Sent a SMS to them already. Now I’m back at work and I still have no idea what I did that caused the Blogger website in the office to be in Japanese. Hmm… Anyway, there’s a lot of things that I need to start doing already. So GANBATTE!

Just had my lunch. Now resting and thinking ways to organize my things better. How? Any suggestions? I thought of Wiki but apparently it doesn’t seem as friendly as it is. Then I thought of Blogging it but suddenly I’m wondering… What happens if the the blog died? What happens to all the things that I do? See… It is still BETTER to have own website. Isn’t it? But then again… that will means… MONEY… Sigh…

Me helping to do support now… *Yawn* Decided to use Petite PeP to be the place I put down things I want to note.

Just finished bathing. Went to watch Transformers just now with Skyes and Leon. It was a last minute decision. Leon had planned to get his mp3 player but its out of stock so ended up suggesting to watch this because Cel won’t be free this Friday. Anyway, was quite nice! Exciting throughout! And I’m so sleepy now. Waiting for my hair to dry and for my Dar Dar to reach back home. ^^

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