Blood Donation

Its SO funny! WZ is afraid of donating his blood! If you see the look on his face… *Giggles* Well, ended up he never donate his blood. Excuse? Too many people, have to wait for quite a while, don’t have the time. Can understand why he’s afraid… If its me, I also will. First time you know! I was so tired today… Never slept enough. After buying the dye, and attempted to donate blood, we went back to his house where I formatted his PC and helped him coloured his hair. Everything went quite smoothly. After that went for dinner with the gang and to Ken’s house to play MJ. Leon left around 12am+ without waiting for Skyes nor Remy, which in my opinion, I don’t find its his fault, after all, its not his duty to send them back. But… only by waiting another ten minutes when so many people asked him to wait but he didn’t… Somehow, its a bit rude. Anyway, ended up continuing to play until 4am+. Skyes won $12.60. The rest all lost. Ken sent them back.

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