Solemnization By The Pool

So freaking hot! I was DRIPPING SWEAT for the WHOLE DAY! Well… it was quite romantic to have the solemnization by the pool but it wasn’t realistic. The weather was terrible. There’s no air-con. The food was so-so only. And its so expensive to hold it at Good Wood Park’s Hotel. Yes, its Boon Keat’s ROM. His wife… Quite pretty. Saw SK’s son though. Very cute! After the ROM, I went to WZ’s house and took a short nap. His house, somehow had become a place for me to take a rest. *Giggles* Its nice, to go his house, not staying in his house. Can hug and kiss him for a short while. Feels very nice. Then went dinner with my family and Godma’s at Hotel Windsor. Had Teochew Porridge over there. Its a buffet. Not very nice. After that we went to Suntec to search for Tyra’s birthday present. Its really so difficult to buy. She seems to have so many things already! For your information, her birthday will be held at the KFC in the zoo… -.-”’

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