I Have A Driving License

6 years ago, I’m having my driving test. At this time, I should still be doing my last minute practising. It was a very cool morning. Yes, I got my driving license. *wink* First attempt! 8 points deducted! *LOL* Oh… I’m still so sleepy… Today, will stop all Production issues and follow the SuperDome project. (I wondered who named it) Anyway, basically I’m still doing the same thing. This coming weekend, will be going for Ken’s BBQ (the Fengshui guy) before going to watch Harry Potter – The Order of the Pheonix! Oh… I’m so lazy… Cannot cannot… I have to start doing something! Else I’ll slack again… Mustn’t get influence by NN!

Everything also they say… They say left, then we have to follow left. They say right, then we have to follow right. Win already… Everything just follow what they say… Suddenly this is right, but suddenly it will be wrong. What is this?

Finally watched Ranma 1/2!! Its SO FUNNY! Watched 4 episodes. Made me want to pick up Japanese Language again! おやすみなさい!

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