Cold Weather, Itchy Face

Gosh… Not sure what’s the problem but my face is really itchy now. Wondering if its because of the cold weather. Today is Thursday already! Yes! I finally finished adding the forum in the UNeed CMS after several stupid attempts, and even causing the old CMS to crash, and almost couldn’t login at all because I removed the rights to even view! But luckily, I managed to fix everything! And changed the website. Today… Hmm… Maybe I should do something to the Petite PeP. WZ will be quite busy today. Got twenty cases. Sigh… Not sure what’s happening recently. Either there’s something wrong with Leon, or there’s something wrote with Skyes. They seemed to keep having crashes… Hmm… Guys… PMS. Hee hee hee…

So terrible! I don’t feel good!!! I need to finish something but till now I still can’t simulate it out! How to solve??!!! 3426… Terrible… I want to open a bar by the beach!

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