Change Status For?

Bloody Hell… Sometimes I really think either the support people are damn stupid, or its the CS thats extremely cock-eye. I have no idea what’s the purpose of the STATUS of the mantis problem if they are not going to look at it. Do they expect us to update once we finished etc? Then why bother to change the status? I finished and corrected the problem ever since 3 July. On 11 July, the CS still wrote a note saying that its not done yet. And subsequently after that still sent me 2 reminders! Are they blind or what?!!!

Went out around 10am today to the zoo for Tyra’s birthday. Honestly, I’m really tired. Sort of… lack of sleep… But well… We stayed there for 6 hours. Ate KFC, the kids played games, and played with the water. After which we brought RX around the zoo. By the time we left there, it was already 4pm. Reached home, almost fainted. Now… I need to do my work. But I’m so pissed when I saw the SECOND REMINDER. Shit them!

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