My Buddy – WCK

Today, we’ve got a new staff joining us – my buddy, WCK. He’s from M’sia, fresh graduate, 24 years old. Tall, skinny, rather quiet (at least till now). So… as my buddy, I had to bring him around. Luckily I never take MC. Else… He will be without buddy for the first day. No mood to work. *Yawn* Darling called to say he won’t be going for tennis today. So will be meeting him to go jogging, then watch Ranma 1/2. Sigh… My whole body is aching from yesterday’s trip to the zoo. How I wished I can sleep now… Just now in the morning, BY asked me if I want to do support. Well, I agreed after knowing that its for a week, every month. If not… there isn’t anything new that I can do. And looking at the current support staff – LJ, YC, and AR will be joining soon. They are all the TLs. So why not? Maybe I’ll be closer to where I want to be.

Sigh… Don’t understand… Sometimes I really just don’t understand… Am I really happy in this company? Precaution with the words to be used… TMD… Probably my tolerance level for this company had dropped by a lot already… Thats why… TMD… Just got shot by WT…

I really feel like bashing people up now… TMD! How many more months… Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb… 7 months. Just take it for 7 months… Yes, its more than half a year but its not worth it to go off just like that. Wait till then, almost 3 years of experience. Within this 7 months, learn more things, get bonus and go. This time round, I won’t think so much anymore. Will try to save some money, so that I can be prepared to rest a while if I want to…

Earn money. Clear debts. Save money. Do business. Plan for this. “I’m going to take over the world!”

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