Insincerity Breeds Contempt

Thats what JY suggested to me to put in my MSN nickname. Its for you-know-who. Back in the office. Today is Tuesday. Will be ZZ’s last day at HST. Tomorrow he’ll be going back to the counter. Think he don’t like that… Hmm… After he starts school, think I’ll suggest to him to change his job, internally. As for me… Hmm… I wanted to do something but don’t seem to have the time. How? Today whole body aching also, from the jog yesterday night. Couldn’t really jog already… Sad… Fat…

Oh yes! I found it! Its “He Who Shall Not Be Named”! Having headaches now but I’m still listening to some hard rocking music. Why? Because I’m testing it! Kind of lost track in what I’m doing… Today, helped my buddy to set up his PC. And helping GF with production issues. Quite good in a way, but a little distracting. Oh yes, I need to call my mum to tell her that I’ll be having dinner at home tonight.

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