Lunch @ Steffi’s

Today we had (almost the whole company, 30 of us) lunch at the Steffi’s, near the car park coffee shop. KA paid for us. ^^ The food tasted quite nice. It was quite a happy lunch. Heehee… Anyway, KA mentioned that they have 2 places in mind for our future offices – Shenton Way or Bugis (The Gateway). Cool right? I mean the building – The Gateway. And he suggested having cubicles for each of us but a discussion area thats open. Sounds better right? But that will still be at the end of the year. Then this coming Sunday, we have this short discussion held by DC. Don’t know if want to go or not but seems like, they would PREFER you to go…

I did something stupid… I wore a different pair of shoes on each side of my foot to the toilet… Luckily nobody saw it… *Giggles*

Zhu… just accidentally gave me a love bite on my neck… S… H… I… T… 2359.

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