Leonard’s Birthday

Its irritating when its a Saturday but you just couldn’t sleep well. Today is Leonard’s birthday. Plan? Probably will only be meeting WZ after lunch. Don’t think I can make it for lunch, considering the fact that I still need to do testing. And if I do testing, that would mean WZ can’t play his game. So I think I better test already before I go to his house. Will be having dinner at Sakura after much consideration. I still don’t understand why they die die want to eat buffet. But anyway, thats… their mentality. I don’t have to understand it. Will be going to club after that. Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting too… Hmm… Seems like I will have to go directly from WZ’s place. Else I will rush like mad.

Went MoS… And there’s a lady wearing a very short skirt and just a bra only! Stupid WZ kept looking… On and off… And idiot him… Kept playing the MU Online… Don’t even want to hug me!

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