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Yesterday I borrowed a book, “The Look”, from the library. Will try and read it today and see what I can learn from there. I’m lazy, I know. But I also know I’m not too good in wearing clothes thats suitable for me too. So I’ll learn… Slowly learn…

Busy for the whole day till now, I’m back at home and finally going to start my Style Diary! ^^

Reclaim Your Style:
What I want to accomplish… Sexy? I always felt that I’m not so sexy, always look so kiddish, not mature enough. Want to look taller, with a fuller front, looks more classy. I want to try all types of style, from classic, to modern, to retro, anything at all, that suits different mood. And then be able to use the accessories to match.

The Shape Of Style: (Mine – Linear Figured, monochromatic schemes from top to bottom “Don’t break the line”)
Neck: Not too long or short.
Shoulders: Broad and straight.
Bust: A bit small but proportional. Would be better if its a cup more bigger.
Waist: Too thick.
Stomach: Bulging out. There’s a lot of fats.
Hips: It looks big but actually its quite proportional compared to my shoulders. But can’t get any bigger.
Legs: Long (Proportionality).
Thighs: Still looks alright but can’t get any fatter. Flabby.
Calves: Not really in shape. Flabby.
Ankles: The skin getting a bit dry:
Hands: Very small. Fingers not long enough especially if the nails are short.
Feet: The toes a bit short. Feet are rather small but proportional.
I love my shoulders, very broad and straight. My bust too, though not too big but at least its not flat. My butt seems quite cute too especially now its a bit meaty.

Dressing Details:
The Second Skin (Knit Jerseys, Tanks, and T-shirts) – To flatter, V- and scoop necks, or a fitted top with a boatneck, which creates a horizontal line. Think twice about tops that are cut straight on the side seams, or long, straight tunics.
The Essential Top (Blouses and Shirts) – Fitted and tailored shirts with contrast-color details (i.e. piping, stitching, front-patch pockets, or horizontal lines) create curves and angles. Shoulder pads and decorative embellishments at the shoulder create the illusion of width on top. Think twice about boxy, straight, and tunic styles as well as sleeveless tops that are deeply cut.
The Essential Top (Jackets and Blazers) – Look for fitted jackets that cinch at the waist and flare at the hips. A fitted jacket that ends at the waist can help break up straight lines. Safari and belted jacket also work well. Think twice about boxy jackets that are either tunic length or hip length.
The Basic Bottom (Skirts) – You can wear most any style, as long as it has a waistline: A-line, bias, wrap, pegged or pencil, flared or circle, and dirndl or gathered skirts all create curves. Think twice about straight skirts with no waistband, especially those that are very long, unless you want to emphasize your angularity.
The Basic Bottom (Pants) – Try nonpleated but tailored trousers with a smooth front and a narrow waist-band or wide-legged, flared, and boot-cut pants because they balance your shape. Think twice about Capris, pleated pants, ankle-length pants, or high waists.
The Single Essential Top And Bottom (Dresses) – A belted dress creates the illusion of a waist, as do wrap dresses; bias-cut and fit-and-flare styles also work. Think twice about boxy or straight-cut styles, horizontal lines or stitching, and clingy knit dresses that emphasize your straighter lines.
Color Watch – Combine light tones with light tones, dark tones with dark tones.

*Vs are very sexy. Strapless looks good. Halter necks flatter small-busted women and women with broader shoulders.

Swimming Shape Of Style:
Low cut-backs that end in a V are flattering. Look for one-piece suits with lace or mesh inserts. Bikinis with hip details such as side rings, ruffles, bows, and even short skirts flatter.

*A great way to elongate and slim the body when wearing a long gown (or any outfit, for that matter) is to drape a shawl made of a fluid fabric over your shoulder so it falls down one half of your body.

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