Morning Spoiled

Stupid idiot… Greeted one of my rather new colleague today and all he did was to look up, stare at me like I’m some idiots, then go back to the things he’s reading. Shit him! Spoiled my morning…

I realized recently I kept getting “said” by others for the things that I did. WT said already. AL also said already. Who else is going to? LL already done so. Sigh… Do this also not correct. Do that also not correct. Listen to this is wrong because no opinion of your own. But he’s your boss, you don’t listen also doesn’t seem right.

So cold… 7 minutes to knocking off. Today BY will be treating us to dinner. Will leave earlier, see if I can manage to go Chinatown and get the hook and probably some beads. Reach $10 and I’ll get a chop! Think Zhu Zhu went jogging. No news from him…

Yeah! We finally managed to go for dinner as the WHOLE, almost, SD Team! And BY treated us! Total about $250 for 15 people. Not too bad. Its a Beijing Restaurant in Chinatown. The food wasn’t too bad. After that, I went to Zhu Zhu’s house and gave him a surprise! So cute! But after that he had to send me home… *LOL*

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