My Own Handmade Necklace

I finished the necklace! Looks really neat! But left the hook which I only gotten it just now during lunch. Was talking to LL just now. Later will check with BY, see if they are getting in people who don’t have much experience in this line. Why? Oh well, after all, she’s still one of my rather good friend. Today is EY’s driving test and he passed! 16 points! But his polling was 7 vs 7. *giggles* Tonight will be going WZ’s place for dinner. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and I can go off on time. Will leave on the DOT!

I’ve got a whole list of things that I need to do but haven’t done it yet. How? I really really really wished to clear it… But… just can’t seem to get my hands on it. Probably I’m just too tired. One day, there’s only 24 hours and I have only a pair of hands, one small pea brain. Heard from Lyn, the HR, that Mr K found a place near Lau Par Sat. Well, I don’t really mind shifting it over there next year. Will see how… Now… I think I’ll go and take a short break and wash my face in the toilet.

I already don’t have the mood to do any more things. Half an hour to go. Will try to POOF on the DOT. But now something cock up – 4260… I missed out something… Something important… Oh yes! I found a very interesting thing inside the Sony Ericsson handphone! Later try on WZ.

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