Seriously Lack Of Sleep

Tonight have to OT. Yesterday I slept around 1am+ again… TERRIBLY LACK OF SLEEP! Its all because of WZ… Play what play… *Yawn* So many things to do… Sigh… And I have no idea where is NN… Its another loooooong loooooong day… Its stupid… How problems reappear again and again when the previous one isn’t solved at all. Why? Why does things always seem so stupid? SK sent an email with VERY BIG FONTS out, telling those people who attended the OPA, that she wants to be permanently involved. *Sweat* Conspiracy again?

Its so dumb… How can you ask the duty engineer to sync up ALL the environments when each supposedly already allocated person/department should do it?? I just don’t understand the logic of asking the duty engineer to take up the whole responsibility. You know what’s the flow now? Support -> QA -> AR -> DE -> TL -> AR -> All deployment teams. DUMB!

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