Mahjong Night

Aiyo… Never come and pick me up from the bus stop when its raining… Minus points! Minus points! Went facial in the morning. Isn’t that bad this time. WZ took his bike for some check-up in the morning. Then I went to meet him at his house. Whole day we hardly did anything except he trained his dark wizard. We only managed to get up and prepared to go out at around 8pm where he sent me to Orchard OG to buy something. But in the end, there isn’t any hangers that I can find, so I only managed to pay my credit card bills… which sort of gave him a BIG shock. Well, its quite a lot of money… Then in the end, we decided to go play mahjong at Ken’s house. But as we made our way to Hougang for dinner, we coincidentally saw Ken, Cel and Jeff on the road. So, we ended having dinner together at Blk 401. Mahjong started at 11pm… Terrible… It was the slowest mahjong game I’d ever played. 3 hours, one round…

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