Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Today is Tuesday, I’m back in the office now. Woke up early in the morning as usual and start training the dark wizard for my D’ling. Luckily gotten 1 bless, 1 soul and 2 chaos. ^^ Then had lunch at home before I went to register for my JLPT Preparatory Course. I really hope I can pass JLPT 3 this year. But then… I think today I’m having PMS… Don’t really feel good. Don’t felt like doing anything. Today I’ll have to work till 11pm. But just now Loy came to tell me that from tomorrow onwards, I don’t have to already. Weird… No mood… No mood to do anything…

I just had a talk with BY and he mentioned something about getting promoted. The structure will change again. I’ll be doing on the membership part. WT/IR will be in-charged for now… Hmm… Then SK too. And then HB and EY will be in the team, tentatively. How will it be like? Or should I go to BA side?

I… really got a headache now… Hmm… Actually when I really come to think about it, my D’ling is really cute. He’ll call me when he’s free, you know? Just now he called me and we had a long chat. He’s basically talking and talking and talking… Cute right? Now he’s playing tennis with Leon. I’m still at work. Having a stiff neck. Pain. I think later when I go home, I’ll just K.O. and sleep.

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