What To Do?

YT never reply me… How? What should I do with that sum of money? Now its already 2.37pm. I finally managed to finish all the items and going onto Shell. Wonder if I have the time… WZ very cute just now. I called him just now and asked him to kiss me but he can’t. […]

Rush Like Mad

Lunch time! I haven’t got much time to breathe till now. Finally got it out as hotfix. Hopefully nothing goes wrong? Yes, I did check but I’m just scare later I did something wrongly. Its to production! And affects all the incentives! Which means money… Hmm… Membership team… Really seems more important… Hungry… OH! I […]


I came in and saw the email for the duty roster… Yes… I think I’m really not suitable to be doing 24/7. Though it’ll be fun but I think I’m better off without it. Crying out made me felt better but not the way I think. 6 months from now… Busy, busy and more busy. […]