Level 150!

Yes! I woke up at 7.30am and started training the Dark Knight – VodkaBlack. I was really tired, so tired but yet I couldn’t sleep. My darling had mentioned to me, to ask me to help him train VodkaBlack till level 150. Just 2 more levels. So I did, and I managed to hit it and went out in time to meet him. Bought some beads from Mix ‘n’ Match again. Gosh… I’m spending so much money but yet I’m not earning a lot… YET. Slept throughout the afternoon after having lunch with him. He bought the lunch back from TPY. Finally went out at around 6pm and Leon went for a hair cut. Was quite dramatic after that. Leon’s hair cut dragged till almost 8pm before it ended. And the initial plan of going to TB for dinner was changed to Bugis because the shop shifted. Then we waited for about 45 minutes at 9.30pm before managing to get a seat at the Ma La Steamboat. Well, Leon wasn’t happy after that because they sort of blame him for what happened. And Remy, too, wasn’t happy because he waited at TB since 7.30pm and had to travel down to Bugis only after waiting for quite a while when nobody notified him of anything. Leon went straight back after finishing dinner and without mentioning anything. Because of the time, we skipped the board game session too. Intended to watch movie but there’s no vacancies enough for the 8 of us. So ended up, we went to NYDC and chatted when everybody, almost, were really tired. Ken sent me back home after that, Skyes took Ben’s. You know why… Heehee…

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