Change In Structure Again

There’s a change in structure. The email is out. But still, I’m just A member. Its rather sad isn’t it? They just kept on sucking out of you. Everything. EVERYTHING. So why am I still here? Because I need the money. Talking about money. I just had my body brightening at Body Wellness and I had to pay an extra of $1177 end of this month. Terrible. What have I done?

Yes, I do feel a bit disappointed when he doesn’t really feel like going with us. Yes, I do understand why the reluctance. I won’t blame him if he doesn’t want to go but I just want a faster reply, instead of waiting for his answers. If really mind so much… Why still need to think for so long?…

NN is now telling me on her new plans. Investing… How I wished I can do things like that already. But looking at the way I kept spending, its unlikely that I will reach that stage. Its a bit sad seriously… No matter how much I work, I’m still only at my level, still earning that amount of money. Am I earning really little? I know I’m not earning a lot. But I know I spent too much. Sigh… Getting really depressed again… How? Heard a rather new colleague, WY, leaving… Because he don’t wish to be doing ASP for the next 6 months… Sigh… How much more demoralizing can this be?

Oh… I’m getting so pissed again. Its only 3.30pm and I already have no mood to work. Anyway, I haven’t done anything yet. Pissed. Can’t people just say directly what they want?

Alright… I will not raise the Genting issue again…

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